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Deb Howard

Deb Howard was born in California and has lived in Utah and Idaho. She has called Nevada her home since 1974. She says this makes her an “old timer,” but there is nothing “old-timerish” about her dance moves! Deb teaches our very popular clogging classes at Tdc.

Deb started her dance training in her youth, taking tap and ballet classes. She also choreographed routines as a member of her high school drill team. She loved to travel to California in the summer and bring back the newest dance craze to her friends in Twin Falls. dance and choreography has been an important part of her life ever since. After high school, Deb graduated with a BA in Psychology from College of Idaho and then received her Masters of Education from Lesley College, in Boston Massachusetts. She worked for 25 years as an elementary school teacher and a teacher trainer, a career which helped her to develop her love of teaching and her high expectations for her students.

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Deb began clogging with her daughters in 1989 when her daughters started dancing at the Dance Delight Studio in Elko, NV. Her daughters quickly advanced to become competition cloggers and reached championship levels. She traveled to many competitions in Utah and got to see her oldest daughter dance at the Grand Ole Opry.

Deb started teaching at Dance Delight in 2000 and achieved the perfect union of her love for teaching and her love for dance. And while she is now retired from full-time teaching she substitutes at various Elko County schools on a regular basis and also babysits her favorite little grandson, Kepa Jack Beitia.

Deb is a dedicated student as well as a remarkable teacher and has attended many workshops and other classes to help her perfect her craft.

She started teaching at TDC in 2012, teaching clogging classes from beginner to advanced and has led her dancers to competitions in Idaho and Utah. They always come home with superior ratings! Even her adult dancers have rated first place at several competitions.

Of her dance students she says,

“I just love the energy that I receive from the students that I encounter. This is why I love to teach dance.”

Deb is a dedicated teacher to be sure, but her loyal students perhaps love her most for her witty sense of humor and her genuine love for them. She puts her whole heart into making them stars on the dance floor and stars in real life.

We are so grateful to have Deb as part of our TDC Family.

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