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Natasha Taylor

Natasha has been teaching classes with TDc since our opening in January of 2012. She Started out coaching our Recreation Cheer classes, then added two Combination Classes for 2-5 year olds in 2016. She now teaches dance exclusively, with beginner Tap and Ballet being her main focus.

Natasha loves working with our youngest students and has a passion for dance. the spark of joy she sees in they eyes of her students as they begin to gain confidence in their abilities is what inspires her most.


Natasha Taylor.jpg

Natasha has been dancing her entire life. she Began her Dance training in Elko taking Jazz and clog at starz as a young girl. Natasha then moved on to cheerleading in High School and spent 4 years honing her skills. Later, she was given the opportunity to coach for the SCHS cheerleaders .  She is the mother of six children and is a dedicated teacher.  We are so fortunate to work with such amazing instructors at tdc, and Natasha is no exception!

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